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Some Moving Tips from Our St. Albert Professionals

Our team of professional local and long-distance movers and packers at Davis-Fort Moving, St. Albert, is driven by the goal of complete customer satisfaction. Owned by James Hagan, our company offers residential and commercial moving services across Alberta and Western Canada. Known for our competitive rates, we are fully equipped for the job, and you can count on us for a full range of moving and packing supplies too.

Based on our unique industry experience, we bring you some time-tested moving tips.

Best Practices

We recommend the following if you are moving:

Maintain a log of moving expenses and all your move-related receipts, as some objects may be tax-deductible.

Keep a floor plan ready for your new home or office so that you know exactly where to place your new furniture.

Make sure you don’t have any perishable and frozen foods leftover just before the move.

Place a container of baking soda or charcoal inside your refrigerator and defrost the freezer to keep them odour-free.

For possessions you do not use or know you will not in the future, donations and garage sales are a great idea.

Pack items like photo albums, books, and seasonal decorations, which have no immediate use just before the move, well in advance. Meanwhile, for essential items like towels, bedding, basic kitchen and bathroom supplies, tools (hammer, screwdriver) to set up furniture, prepare an “open first” box.

To prevent any accidents or injury during the move, ensure that your children and pets are well accommodated. Protect your pet in the house or a fenced yard for a few weeks until it is comfortable with the new home. Then, gradually start taking it out to explore the new neighbourhood.

Assign your children responsibilities of smaller tasks during the move, such as sorting out their toys and games, labelling prices for your garage sale, or simply writing out the new address so that they can memorize it. That way, they participate in the process and not feel left out.

When packing delicate and other valuable items, create protective layers using plenty of blank white packing paper. If you choose to use newspaper, place it only on the outermost layer because its printing ink can leave marks on your items and is capable of staining fine china permanently.

Keep flammable or explosive items such as propane tanks, cleaning fluids, paint, ammunition, and aerosol cans away from all other objects. Our company cannot transport these items as they are a potential hazard to your surrounding possessions on the truck.

View our chart to know more about the number of boxes that you’ll need for packing your household items, and their ideal dimensions:

*Unless you’re using the services of a professional moving company such as Davis-Fort Moving, or you are experienced with packing, we do not recommend using a China Barrel to pack your dishes in. A better idea would be to use a 2 cube box instead, lined with lots of packing paper.

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